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Most adults are cynical of traditional leader development programs because they over promise and under deliver. We have developed a world class system of leader development that truly works. The GiANT system creates a leadership language through visual tools that improves the IQ, EQ and self-awareness of a leader, while also giving them a way to multiply leadership throughout 90% of the organization. I have seen, first hand, what a powerful transformation can occur when leaders are willing to know themselves to lead themselves and ultimately to lead their teams. It can truly be the difference for an organization to raise up leaders that people want to follow versus those they have to follow.

  • MBA – Emphasis in Marketing, Oklahoma City University
  • BBA – Marketing, Fort Hays State University
  • Martha Beck Life Coach Training – Completed
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For Individuals

Become a Leader Worth Following

I help leaders do the following:
  • Build a clear game plan for your personal and professional future.
  • Increase your capacity to handle more responsibility
  • Discover the blind spots that undermine your influence with other people.
  • Experience healthy growth by finding your sweet spot and working from your personal strengths.
  • Transfer your best skills, knowledge, and expertise to build a high-performing team.
  • Expand your spheres of influence: self, family, team, organization, and community
  • Become a leader that everyone wants to follow, not one they “have to” follow.
  • And more…

For Teams

Build a High Performing Team For Teams

I help teams do the following:
  • Implement a step-by-step process to develop leaders and avoid capacity constraints.
  • Identify each member’s unique leadership voice, establish a culture that values listening, and communicate more effectively.
  • Establish a direction for the future, clarify leadership roles, and outline a strategy for reaching the vision.
  • Increase alignment, gain clarity, and consistency execute on objectives.
  • Discover critical blindspots that inhibit current and future success.
  • Innovate and adapt to embrace a competitive and changing world.
  • Increase the value of your workforce by transforming team members from liabilities to assets.
  • And more...

  • Slide Image I am overwhelmed by the clarity that this process has brought to our Executive Team. Understanding each of our wiring & voices has brought us together as a team and has begun to guide our decisions within our organization to ensure each team member is in the right seat. It has been amazing to watch all of the participants and teams comes to life! – Angela Cottrell
  • Slide Image This has been the largest factor in transforming my leadership and has resulted in tremendous growth. – Andrew Dahl
  • Slide Image GiANT is much more than a program. It’s guidance, practical, and life changing. It has made me a better person, husband, father, and general leader in all circles of influence. – Mickey Daniel

I regularly post updates to this site with content (articles & podcasts) from GiANT Worldwide that are designed to serve you on your journey of becoming a leader worth following. I’ll also share these on my social media accounts, so be sure to connect with me there as well.